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Product Description Form Factor Data Rate(Gbps) Tx WL Rx WL Avg Tx Output Powr(dBm) Rx_Sen(dBm) Reach Operating Temp(Deg C) Power Consumption
10G SFP+ SR SFP+ 10G 850nm VCSEL 850nm PIN -7.3 - -1 -11.1dBm Max 300M OM3/400M OM4 0-70 <1W
10G SFP+ AOC SFP+ 10G 850nm VCSEL 850nm PIN \ \ <300M OM3 0-70 <0.5W each end
25G SFP28 SR SFP28 25G 850nm VCSEL 850nm PIN -8.4 - 2.4 -10dBm Max 70M OM3/100M OM4 0-70 <1W
25G SFP28 AOC  SFP28 25G 850nm VCSEL 850nm PIN \ \ <70M OM3/100M OM4 0-70 <1W each end
40G QSFP+ SR4 QSFP+ 40G 850nm VCSEL 850nm PIN -7.6 - 2.4 each lane -5.4dBm Max 100M OM3/150M OM4 0-70 <1.2W 
40G QSFP+ AOC QSFP+ 40G 850nm VCSEL 850nm PIN \ \ <100M OM3/150M OM4 0-70 <1.2W  each end
40G QSFP+ AOC fanout with 4*10G SFP+ AOC QSFP+ 40G x 4*10G 850nm VCSEL 850nm PIN \ \ <100M OM3/150M OM4 0-70 QSFP+ <1.2W, SFP+ <0.5W 
100G QSFP28 SR4  QSFP28 100G 850nm VCSEL 850nm PIN -8.4 - 2.4 each lane -10dBm Max 70M OM3/100M OM4 0-70 <2W 
100G QSFP28 CWDM4 QSFP28 100G CWDM4 CWDM4 -6~2.5 <-10.9 2km 0-70 <3.5W
100G QSFP28 LR4 QSFP28 100G LWDM4 LWDM4 -4.3~4.5 <-9.6 10km 0-70 <4.5W
100G QSFP28 AOC  QSFP28 100G 850nm VCSEL 850nm PIN \ \ <70M OM3/100M OM4 0-70 <2W each end
100G QSFP28 AOC  fanout with 4*25G SFP28 AOC QSFP28 100G x 4*25G 850nm VCSEL 850nm PIN \ \ <70M OM3/100M OM4 0-70 QSFP28 <2.5W, SFP28 <1W 
200G QSFP56 AOC QSFP56 200G 850nm VCSEL 850nm PIN \ \ <70M OM3/100M OM4 0-70 <4.5W each end
400G QSFP-DD AOC QSFP-DD 400G 850nm VCSEL 850nm PIN \ \ <70M OM3/100M OM4 0-70 <10W each end
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  • Sunstar Combo 50G & XGS & GPON OLT QSFP-DD light module won the 2023 ICC "Excellent Technology Award"
    On December 28, 2023, the selection results of the 10th ICC Skinx Hero List were announced. The Combo 50G & XGS & GPON OLT QSFP-DD light module launched by Sichuan Guangheng has won the "innovative technical solution, high stability, low power consumption and other advantages. Excellent Technical Award. Combo 50G & XGS & GPON OLT QSFP-DD light module Guangheng's self-developed Combo 50G & XGS & GPON OLT QSFP-DD optical module adopts the industry's mainstream optoelectronics chip solution, combined with the low cost-effective TO and OSA packaging capabilities and single fiber multi-rate PON module development capabilities of the Guangheng entire industry chain, which continues to help the local area network , Enterprise Network, Campus Network, and FTTH network batch scale deployment. Product parameters • Maximum Link LENK LENTH of 20KM SMF • Open temperature 0 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ • SC Receptacle, QSFP-DD • TX: 50g/10g/2.5G • RX: 25g/10g/2.5g/1.25g • TX: 1342nm/1577nm/1490Nm • RX: 1286nm/1270nm/1310Nm • Eye Safe Compliant with itu-T G.9804/07.3/1 and G.984.5 • Compliant with ROHS6 About Sichuan Guangheng Sichuan Guangheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and focuses on the design, manufacturing, sales, technical support, and customization services of optoelectronics (OSA) and Optical Transceiver. After more than 20 years of technical accumulation and development, it has formed core technology design platforms such as light roads, mechanical structure, high -frequency simulation, thermal simulation, circuit, FPC soft board, and IT software automation. It has the vertical integration capabilities of the industrial chain from the optical chip BAR bar testing, cutting, and sorting, to-cap packaging, BOX device packaging, COB packaging, optical module packaging, optical fiber connector and precision optical machine processing component. The company's business is all over China, North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Customers are mainly domestic and foreign equipment vendors and subsystem manufacturers. The company is also the world's leading subsidiaries of Changfei Fiber Optical Cable Co., Ltd., the world's leading optical fiber, optical cables and comprehensive solutions.
  • New product release | SUNSTAR launch 50G Pon Combo OLT three -mode and optical device 06-08
  • Sunstar Company won the "Top 10 Most Competitive Enterprises of China Optical Devices and Auxiliary Equipment in 2023" 05-24
  • Good news! 100G optical module of Guangheng Communications Co., LTD won "2021 Outstanding Technology Award" 04-29
  • Employees of Guangheng Company participate in the 7th Changfei Group air volleyball competition 06-02
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