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Founded in 2001, Sichuan guangheng Communication Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the design, development, manufacturing, sales and technical support services of optoelectronic devices (OSA) and optical transceivers. After 20 years of technology accumulation and development...







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With the continuous technical accumulation and market development, the company has formed core technology platforms from optical path design to high-frequency simulation, mechanical circuit design, material stress analysis, FPC soft board design, it software, automatic production and packaging

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The whole staff of the company will continue to forge ahead and strive to become a world-class optical communication enterprise to provide customers with more valuable services and products.


Good news! 100G optical module of Guangheng Communications Co., LTD won "2021 Outstanding Technology Award"

      On January 11, 2022, xunshi 2021 Annual Summary and the 8th Heroes List Award Ceremony was successfully held. At the same time of the conference, the 8th Stone Heroes List was officially announced, and The 100G ER4 TOSA optical module won the "2021 Outstanding Technology Award".       Guangheng Tongxin developed 100G ER4 TOSA optical module carefully after three years of painstaking development. It relies on the traditional advantages of Guangheng in the field of device packaging, and is based on the high-speed products developed by the new generation box packaging platform of Guangheng Company. The products meet the industrial grade, and have the advantages of low power consumption, good high-frequency performance and high integration. The transmission distance can be up to 80 km, meeting the requirements of ER4 Lite, ER4 and ZR4 protocols. It can serve data center interconnection, 5G transmission, metropolitan area network and other application scenarios.       In the future, Guangheng Tongxin will increase its research and development capabilities of new products and technologies, strengthen industrial chain exploration, and provide better quality and cost-effective product solutions and services in the fields of telecom access, metropolitan transmission, data center interconnection, 5G wireless, coherent transmission and lidar. Guangheng is committed to becoming a world-class optical communication enterprise, with the best quality products and the most professional service for customer business escort!

Employees of Guangheng Company participate in the 7th Changfei Group air volleyball competition

     On May 29th, Guangheng company selected 8 key athletes from marketing, R&D, production and other departments to participate in the 7th Air volleyball competition in YOFC Wuhan Headquarters. As the first time to participate in the competition, Guangheng team demonstrated the spirit of striving and enterprising young people in the new era and stood out among many teams and won the "Best Participation Award".      There are seven teams participating in this competition, which are: Guangheng team, optical fiber team, optical cable team, prefabricated rod team, functional center team, specialty team, changxin Sheng team. The competition is divided into two stages: the first stage is a group round robin, and the second stage is a cross semifinal between the top four teams in the group round robin.      As the saying goes, "Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers! At the beginning of the game, The Guangheng team beat the long core sheng team and the fiber optic team, the first victory made the players more confident. In the last match of the round robin, Guangheng team played against functional Central Team. The players won the match steadily with their excellent cooperation and entered the semi-finals. In the semifinal, the guangheng team was fearless of the "strong enemy" and went forward bravely, with the sweat of endeavor to achieve the "fourth" good result.      As the new force of this competition, Guangheng team shows the vigorous youthful spirit, good at cooperation, not afraid of difficulties fighting spirit. They will also continue their efforts and perseverance in the field into their work, and build a mighty force of unity and struggle for the progress and development of Guangheng Company.

Sunstar Communication CIOE 2021 successfully concluded

     On September 18, 2021, the three-day 23rd China International Optoelectronics Expo (CIOE 2021) drew to a close at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center.      Sichuan Guangheng Communication Technology Co., LTD., as a senior optical communication enterprise, will show 100G EML ER4 TOSA and 100G SOA ZR4 ROSA, which are mainly used for 100G ER4 and ZR QSFP28 optical modules. Meet the metropolitan long distance and data center DCI applications; 100G LR1 TOSA/ROSA and 100G ER1 TOSA/ROSA, application domain single bowl 100G metropolitan and data center DCI applications; 100G QSFP28 SR4, CWDM4, LR4 and AOC for data communication center; 200G QSFP56 AOC and 400G QSFP-DD SR8 for data centers; 10G PON optical module OEM/ODM, used for fiber FTTX PON access; AOC, MPO, MTP and FA components are widely used in integrated data center cabling and high-speed optical module supporting products, which are favored by customers at home and abroad.      In the past three days, customers came to the booth of Guangheng to learn about new products, negotiate and communicate in an endless stream, which fully reflects the brand effect of Guangheng, and the quality of Guangheng has been deeply rooted in the hearts of customers. "Customer orientation, quality first, integrity and sharing" is the mission that Guangheng Tongxin has always adhered to. Guangheng Tongxin will continue to adhere to the original intention, continuous innovation, deep cultivation of quality, technology and production, to provide customers with excellent service and create maximum value.
Accompanied by gratitude, dream peer!

"Accompanied by gratitude, dream peer!" -- 20th anniversary celebration of Sichuan Guangheng Communication Technology Co., LTD

      At 14:00 on December 1st, Sichuan Guangheng Communication Technology Co., LTD. The 20th anniversary celebration was held in Chengdu. The company leaders and employees' representatives were invited to attend the annual meeting to witness this exciting moment. Sunstar twenty years of development       The guests sign in and enter the hall, and the celebration begins in retrospect. Twenty years of trials and hardships have yielded fruitful results in spring and autumn. Guangheng people firmly believe that there is always a hope worth looking forward to and a brand to be remembered. Looking back over the past 20 years, Guangheng has overcome numerous difficulties and achieved a historical leap from primary to modern, from small enterprise to large-scale enterprise, creating a new situation highly recognized by the market and praised by domestic and foreign brand customers. Founded in December 2001, yOFC became a holding subsidiary of YOFC In January 2020. Guangheng company has been deeply engaged in the communication industry for 20 years. It has been focusing on the design, development, manufacturing, sales, technical support and other services of optical devices and optical modules. It has the vertical integration ability of the industrial chain from optical chip packaging, optical device packaging to optical module packaging and commissioning, as well as optical fiber connectors and precision optical machining components. Guangheng is the high-tech enterprise of Chengdu and the enterprise technology center of Sichuan Province, the industrial head enterprise of Chengdu in 2021, and the "little giant" enterprise, which enjoys a high reputation in the industry. Leadership speech       The steady development of Guangheng in the past 20 years is inseparable from the correct leadership of the previous board of directors. Mr. Yan Changkun, senior Vice President of Changfei Company and Chairman of Guangheng Company, gave a high recognition of the twenty years of struggle and management team of Guangheng Company in his speech. Mr. Zheng Xin, Vice President of Changfei Company and supervisor of Guangheng Company, and Mr. Qin Yaowu, director of Chengdu Yicheng Company and Director of Guangheng Company addressed successively. We firmly believe that with the dedication and enthusiasm of guangheng staff, we will create new brilliance for guangheng under the leadership of the board of directors and the joint efforts of team members. Recognition ceremony       In the past 20 years of Guangheng, a group of people have devoted their youth and talent to guangheng. They work conscientiously at their posts, have outstanding business ability and are skilled in technology. The achievements of Guangheng today cannot be attributed to their hard work for ten years. Today, we are witnessing their moment of honor. The company presented "Best Management Award", "Business Pioneer Award", "Senior Craftsman Award" and "Most Loyal Employee Award" respectively. After the commendation meeting, all the leaders and all the staff lit the candles together, cut the joy, shared the sweetness, and wished guangheng happy 20th birthday together, and wished guangheng people full of passion and confidence forever! dinner       All the leaders raised their glasses to open the 20th anniversary celebration dinner. The banquet started with the dance "White Bird facing phoenix". Jazz, mirror dance and other colorful programs, the magnificent stage and the drawing of rich prizes instantly lit up the atmosphere of the party. In the past twenty years, our passion is dazzling and brilliant. In the future, we will forge ahead with firm goals, full of confidence and write a new chapter in Guangheng.


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It widely serves various application scenarios such as access network, mobile wireless communication, transmission network, data center, cloud computing, HPC, cable TV, security monitoring, smart grid, industrial and consumer sensing and lidar. The products are highly recognized by customers in Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and other regions.

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