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5G Transceiver

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Product Description Form Factor Data Rate
Tx WL Rx WL Avg Tx Output Powr
Reach Operating Temp
(Deg C)
Power Consumption
10G CWDM SFP+ 10G O-Band, C-Band 1260~1620 1~7 <-13.5 10km E-Temp <1.5W
25G SFP28 Duplex LR 1310nm SFP28 25G 1295~1325 1260~1355 -6~2 <-13.0 10km I-Temp <1.2W
25G SFP28 Duplex LR CWDM 1270nm-1370nm SFP28 25G CWDM6 1260~1620 1~7 <-14.0 10km E/C-Temp <2.0W
25G SFP28 Duplex LR DFB LWDM SFP28 25G O-Band 1260~1340 0.5~6 <-13.4 10km I/C-Temp <2.0W
25G SFP28 Duplex LR DFB MWDM SFP28 25G O-Band 1260~1620 2~7 <-13.0 10km I/C-Temp <2.0W
25G SFP28 Duplex ER EML LWDM O-band SFP28 25G O-Band 1276~1310 1~5 <-19.5 30km E-Temp <2.5W
25G BiDi LR 1270Tx/1330Rx nm SFP28 25G 1270 1320~1340 -2~4 <-13.0 10km I-Temp <1.2W
25G BiDi LR 1330Tx/1270Rx nm SFP28 25G 1330 1260~1280 -2~4 <-13.0 10km I-Temp <1.2W
25G BiDi LR 1270Tx/1310Rx nm SFP28 25G 1270 1300~1320 -4~2 <-13.5 10km E-Temp <2.0W
25G BiDi LR 1310Tx/1270Rx nm SFP28 25G 1310 1260~1280 -4~2 <-13.5 10km E-Temp <2.0W
25G BiDi ER 1270Tx/1310Rx nm SFP28 25G 1270 1300~1320 0~6 <-19.5 40km I-Temp <1.5W
25G BiDi ER 1310Tx/1270Rx nm SFP28 25G 1310 1260~1280 0~6 <-19.5 40km I-Temp <1.5W
50G BiDi ER 1295Tx/1309Rx nm QSFP28 50G 1295/1309 1295/1309 3.4~7.4 <-15.1 40km C-Temp <3.5W
50G BiDi ER 1309Tx/1295Rx nm QSFP28 50G 1309/1295 1309/1295 3.4~7.4 <-15.1 40km C-Temp <3.5W
100G QSFP28 LR1  QSFP28 100G 1310 1260~1620 -1.4-4.5 <-7.5 10km C-Temp <4.0W
100G QSFP28 LR4 QSFP28 100G LWDM4 LWDM4 -4.3~4.5 <-9.6 10km C-Temp <4.5W
100G QSFP28 ER4 lite QSFP28 100G LWDM4 LWDM4 -2.9~4.5 <-15.0 30km C-Temp <5.0W
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