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Product Solutions

Guangheng company focuses on the design and development, manufacturing, sales and technical support services of optoelectronic devices (OSA) and foundry and customized services of optical modules (Optical Transceiver)

Product Solutions

Optical Fiber Connector & Connector

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Guangheng's connector product patch cord/pigtail (Patchcord/Pigtail) covers LC/SC/MU/ST/FC and other standard products and customized products, with return loss, high reliability and stability, and low insertion loss , And at the same time have good cost competitiveness. Products are widely used in telecommunications, data communication networks, local area networks, fiber optic broadband deployment, CATV and other fields. Product performance:

  *Low Insertion : SM(APC) & SM(UPC) <0.1 dB

  *Return Loss (RL): SM(APC) ≧ 60 dB ;SM(UPC) ≧ 55 dB

  *Higher Precision Process Control

  *High quality, Lower Cost

  *Telcordia GR-326 Compliance

  *ROHS Compliance

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In addition to taking root in the mainstream telecommunications and data communication markets, Guangheng has complete industrial chain supporting advantages (Chip Bar, TO-CAN, OSA, Transceiver) in the following areas, and can also provide customers with product packaging and customization services, especially for the sensor field (Sensor , CMOS/MEMS).

Cloud computing and big data will become the key and core of the new generation of information technology and industry in the next 10 years and beyond. At the same time, data center interconnection based on cloud architecture is the trend of future development. Guanghengzheng is committed to the development and production of a full range of products for the data center, providing strong support for the data communication optical module.


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