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Company Culture

Build Sunstar into an excellent platform for the common development of enterprises and employees

Company Culture
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Company Culture

Company Culture


Customer orientation, quality first, and integrity sharing. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "technology first, quality first, service first", with technological progress as the cornerstone, and management innovation as a means to continuously improve product quality and performance, and continuously improve management levels and capabilities; to provide customers with more cost-effective products And services, and strive to develop into a professional manufacturer of optical devices.

Our Mission


Build Guangheng into an excellent platform for the common development

of enterprises and employees

Development Vision


Become a trustworthy optical component company with cooperative value

Social Responsibility Management

Fulfilling social responsibility is an important cornerstone to promote the harmonious development of enterprises. Guangheng Communication has always adhered to sustainable development as the core, based on the optical communication industry, innovated technology, in-depth operation, actively explored the management and practice of social responsibility, and is committed to corporate responsibility and The integration and promotion of daily operations raises corporate social responsibility to a strategic height, promotes the harmonious and sustainable development of economy, society, and the environment, and rewards employees, customers, shareholders and society. Guangheng attaches great importance to strengthening communication and exchanges with stakeholders. It has established a normal communication mechanism with stakeholders such as the government, customers, employees, shareholders, and communities, regularly publishes financial annual reports, and continuously increases the disclosure of responsibility information through official websites. Harmonious development.

Corporate Governance

Everbright Communications has steadily promoted anti-corruption education, supervision and inspection, and organization construction to promote and guarantee the company's reform, innovation and leapfrog development. The company actively promotes the management of the enterprise in accordance with the law, and completes and perfects the legal risk prevention system that covers the entire process of "before, during and after the event" with the external legal advisor system as the core. Both the company headquarters and its subsidiaries have appointed legal counsel. The company has achieved institutionalization and standardization in terms of rules and regulations, contract management, and important decision-making demonstrations; various legal disputes have been properly handled. Adopt various forms to carry out legal publicity and education activities, strengthen the awareness of legal risk prevention of all employees, and promote law learning, law abiding, and usage.

Innovation And Development

The optical device products developed and produced by Guangheng Communication are the "heart" of optical fiber communication, and Guangheng people are proud of their commitment to the development of optical communication. The company actively responds to the call for the adjustment and upgrading of the national industrial structure, relying on core technologies to enhance the informatization level of related industries, and promote the common development of the optical communications industry. After years of hard work, adhering to the business philosophy of “leading technology, leading service, leading quality”, through independent research and development, cooperative mergers and acquisitions, a relatively complete coverage of bar cutting, TO packaging, OSA packaging, module foundry, The perfect industrial chain of optical communication precision machining parts.

Social Care

Guangheng Communication wholeheartedly gives back to the society, strives to help poor areas, actively participates in community construction, actively guides and carries out employee volunteer activities, and promotes the construction of a harmonious society. The company organizes many poverty alleviation and dedication activities every year, and successively organizes employees to carry out charitable fundraising activities to care and support the cause of the disabled, which fully reflects the company's good social image of respecting and supporting socially disadvantaged groups and fulfilling corporate social responsibility.

Green Emission Reduction

Guangheng Communication aims to continuously create a "resource-saving enterprise" and an "environment-friendly enterprise", innovate the level of technology, and is committed to promoting product development, production, quality, logistics, customer service and other links with green technological innovation. . Guangheng Communication strives to transform its development mode and establish a low-carbon development concept. By improving resource utilization efficiency, reducing operating costs and energy consumption, developing "green" industries, implementing "green" strategies, and continuing to provide society and customers with high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving , Green and sustainable products and technologies.

Employee Care

Guangheng Communication adheres to the people-oriented principle, innovates the human resource management system and mechanism, comprehensively strengthens the construction of the staff team, safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of the employees, provides a broad space for the employees, stimulates the vitality of the team, and provides solid talent guarantee for the healthy and rapid development of the company's business. The company strengthens employment management, respects equal job opportunities, continuously improves the construction of the workers' congress system, and strengthens the participation of employee representatives in democratic management. Continue to help employees grow, actively promote employment, respect and uphold the international human rights conventions and labor standards signed by the Chinese government, and strictly abide by the "Labor Law" that "employers shall not be discriminated against due to ethnicity, race, gender, and religious beliefs" The regulations prohibit and boycott any form of child labor, and prevent forced labor and discrimination. While healthy development, the company actively creates employment opportunities, promotes social employment, and assumes social responsibilities. Guangheng Communication has constructed a "H" dual-channel career development path of management and technology, and constantly improves and perfects the dynamic management mechanism of talent selection, appointment, evaluation, incentive and exit of each channel, creates a good growth and development atmosphere, and stimulates all channels Talent enthusiasm and innovation. Continuously innovate training methods, enrich training content, establish and improve talent development mechanisms, focus on building a learning organization, and effectively improve the overall quality of human resources. We pay great attention to the occupational health of employees, and strictly follow the national labor safety regulations and standards to provide employees with a healthy and safe working environment. We always adhere to the "safety first, prevention first" policy, strictly strengthen the company's daily safety supervision and inspection, and effectively protect the lives of employees. Through a variety of activities, the company gives play to the value orientation, spiritual motivation and behavioral norms of corporate culture to encourage employees to establish correct values. We practice the concept of "people-oriented, intimate care", care about employees in need, and implement the work of helping the poor.


Guangheng Communication has always adhered to the principles of openness, integrity, and win-win cooperation, and strengthened mutual cooperation with the government, scientific research institutes, partners, suppliers and other social sectors to complement each other's advantages and share benefits to achieve common development. Continue to strengthen fair cooperation with partners on the joint promotion of products, research and development, and technology on the basis of complying with national laws, regulations and relevant industry management policies to achieve win-win cooperation. At the same time, Guangheng Communications strengthened the standardized management of partners, continuously innovated cooperation models, and jointly promoted the rapid development of related businesses. Guangheng Communication boldly reforms and innovates, optimizes management mechanisms and resource allocation methods, increases management innovation, and has taken new steps on the road of development.

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