Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

Guangheng company focuses on the design and development, manufacturing, sales and technical support services of optoelectronic devices (OSA) and foundry and customized services of optical modules (Optical Transceiver)

Competitive Advantage
- Competitive Advantage -

Widely serve various application scenarios such as access networks mobile wireless communications transmission networks data centers cloud computing HPC cable television security monitoring smart grids industrial and consumer sensing and lidar (Lidar). It is highly recognized by customers in Asia Pacific North America Europe and other regions.

Customer orientation Quality first Honesty sharing

Build Guangheng into an excellent platform for the common

development of enterprises and employees

Competitive Advantage


Actively understand the market dynamics and listen to customer needs fast implementation timely feedback the company will continue to make progress to provide customers with more valuable services and products.

Competitive Advantage

Core Packaging Technology

With nearly 20 years of experience in the optical fiber communication industry we can quickly and accurately meet the different needs of customers (OEM or ODM) in the three fields of TO-CAN OSA and modules.

Competitive Advantage


Production automation 5S lean production in-depth promotion and continuous improvement of process capability and efficiency the company's products include 2.5G/10G/25G/40G/100G full range of products.

Competitive Advantage

Mass manufacturing and timely delivery capabilities

There are a wide variety of optical component products and the demand for customization is outstanding. Through the introduction of Guangheng's rich NPI the products have been highly recognized by customers in Asia Pacific North America Europe and other regions. The company has obtained 53 patents.

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